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I was asked by some fellow friends of mine to submit my story that I started on Mibba. It’s Patrick Stump centered, with a few cameo appearences from the other guys (more than once, actually lol). The story is based on a ‘born again’ Fall Out Boy fan, who works as a nurse, and has found a common bond with some of her patients through music. One of the main artists that keeps coming from conversations is Fall Out Boy. She writes Patrick Stump a letter in hopes to get it to him, but can’t make it to the concert. Her friend is able to give it to her and a whirlwind friendship begins. I have other shorts/one-shots on my page that is specified around Patrick Stump if anyone wishes to take a gander. Anywho, happy reading. :) 

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Twelve Days

Hi hi I have quite a few fics posted on my Mibba account, but I’ll submit this one because it’s completed with a new sequel. It’s called Twelve Days and it’s Black Cards era Pete Wentzx OC story! It’s 12 chapters, so it’s not a long read, and the sequel is in progress. I hope people like it! 

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Hi! I’m co-writing a fanfic with a friend of mine. It’s an AU before FOB got popular. There’s are two OCs in it, one that’s with Pete and one that’s with Patrick (who is extra adorable and awkward in this fic!! xD). It’s got an equal mix of smut and fluff. Check it out! :) 

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The Fall Out Girl

Brynn is new to Chicago, and eager to progress with her “singing thing,” as her foster dad eloquently put it. When she meets four hopeful musicians like her, everything changes. (This fic was written because I love Andy Hurley and there’s a lack of Andy/OC fics out there. AU where there are five members of Fall Out Boy, and one of them is female. Starts right before Take This To Your Grave and progresses from there.)

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teenage dreamer

Ever felt like you don’t belong? this fanfic is delicately revolved around Eva a teenage who no one understands,shes has many problems one being she is androphobic but fate has caused this teenage dreamer to be noticed by a couple of guys in a band called Fall Out Boy. 

Troubles (fall out boy fanfic)

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Anonymous asked:
Hi, I have a blog that is like yours but it is for all band fan fiction. It’s a new blog so it’d help if you could post this so I could get some submissions. The url is ‘bandsfanfiction’. Thank you c:


hum hallelujah

“You’re in early,” Andy said, shrugging out of his shirt.

“Didn’t feel like going out,” Joe answered, rubbing a hand up over his stomach. Now it was Pete’s voice coming from the speakers. “How’s Old Republic?”

“Alderaan won’t save itself.” Andy set the shirt down, pausing and grinning over at Joe. “Are you really watching interviews?”

“The interviews from the Reading festival,” Joe explained, fingers clicking before it sounded like another one was starting up. “I haven’t seen them yet and I wanted to hear your answers.”

(PWP turns accidental feelings.)

Gotten alot of Andy requests so Ill be posting a bunch soon!

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