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Hi, I have a blog that is like yours but it is for all band fan fiction. It’s a new blog so it’d help if you could post this so I could get some submissions. The url is ‘bandsfanfiction’. Thank you c:


hum hallelujah

“You’re in early,” Andy said, shrugging out of his shirt.

“Didn’t feel like going out,” Joe answered, rubbing a hand up over his stomach. Now it was Pete’s voice coming from the speakers. “How’s Old Republic?”

“Alderaan won’t save itself.” Andy set the shirt down, pausing and grinning over at Joe. “Are you really watching interviews?”

“The interviews from the Reading festival,” Joe explained, fingers clicking before it sounded like another one was starting up. “I haven’t seen them yet and I wanted to hear your answers.”

(PWP turns accidental feelings.)

Gotten alot of Andy requests so Ill be posting a bunch soon!

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Soul Punks

It’s a PatrickxOC original fanfiction, my first. About a girl who has know Patrick for a long time, after being dumped, Patrick realizes that he has feelings for his friend. There will also be a little Brendon UrexOC at one point in the story. I will probably incorporate other band members too

Fan Fic

so I’m new to writing this but yeah this is my attempt:) basically about pete wanting to say he loves patrick, but just can’t, based in 2013

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hey i recently made my own ybc fic but it's from the point of view of 4 girls involved in helping them save rock and roll, the girl from the last video being included. would anyone be interested in reading it?
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Hey, I have two prompt pages for fics, if you'd be kind enough to promo it? It's my url /allscfic and /ttdfic. I'm offering a permanent promo and a place on a special reclist! :)


Warning, Character Death

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Hey I have a Patrick Highschool AU up on wattpad and its titled "So Many Kids But I Only See You" its fluffy with a little smut. You can go to my blog and find it or on wattpad. Enjoy lovlies!


So Many Kids But I only See You

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do you have any fanfictions based on their new music videos? The young blood chronicles?

I have a few, I’ll post them soon!